Fear about ‘sharing’

I have a Fear about ‘sharing’ things I know, or things I’ve done, or things I’ve learnt,
in case people judge me to be a ‘cocky’, ‘over-confident’, ‘arrogant’, ‘stuck-up’, ‘righteous’ ‘know-it-all’.

These ‘fears’ are all in my head, (or possibly theirs), and each one needs to be addressed & processed to dissolve the tension, & determine the lies I’m telling myself about each of them.

Are they the truth?
Are they ‘my’ Truth?

Every time I learn something new, I want to share it with others.
Not to let them know “what I know”.
to let them know ‘the something’ that I learnt,
in case it is helpful to them,
in their Life.

Perhaps they already know “the something”.
That’s ok.
We all ‘learn’ different things
at different times
in different ways
about different things.
It’s not a race.
Or is it?

Surely ‘knowing’ more ‘things about things’ is a good thing.
Surely the more things I know about the ‘better’ I will become.

Surely the better I be-come, knowing more things.

What are the things to know?
Who knows?
Everyone has something they need, to know,
to become better.
How do I know, who needs to know, what?

At its core level, the deepest, micro, smaller-than-smallest level, Life is Sharing.

Life is sharing with each other.
Information is being exchanged.
Energy is being exchanged.
Sharing is the glue that holds the fabric of Life together.
Sharing is Creation

Sharing, or Nothing.
You choose!


#Courage, #Creativity,

#Passion & #Inspiration,

#AllWays in #Unity.

(Image: Gerd Altman)

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