Laundry Day

Laundry Day

The opportunity to head on down to the river.
Leave the worries & troubles of Life behind.

Soothe your Soul to the rhythm of the water rushing by.
Rambling and scrambling over rocks & pebbles along the way.
Soak away your cares
Soak away your fears.

Visit a while with your Ancestors.
Rest a while in timeless Wisdom.

Beat your frustrations out against a rock.
That shirt is so beautiful & clean.

Wring your sorrows out against the flock.
That Soul is so beautiful & clean.

Dry your skin out in the sun.
That smile is so glorious.

Laundry Day

Some of you may have out-sourced Laundry Day.

What are you doing, instead?


(Image: PetrFromMoravia)

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