Walking Through Fear and Resistance

Do you know what your Values are? Do you hold a clear Vision of your Life Purpose?

A good friend, an awesome coach & inspiration to many, Natalie-Jayne, founder of “Messengers of Love”, posed the following question to her Facebook friends & followers a few days ago;

“How do you know when resistance is the kind of fear to listen to or when it is the kind of resistance to walk through?”

A great question!

I felt inspired to share my perspective and response to her question here, to support others who may be faced with a similar quandary.

It can indeed be perplexing, as we create, build & grow our Visions for our Life, to determine whether any fear, trepidation or resistance we are experiencing at any stage of the process is an illusion caused by the disempowering beliefs we hold about ourselves, others, & Life, or whether it is natural, perfect & subtle guidance from our Higher Self to change direction, or choose an alternative path or course of action to move us towards that which we desire.


Of course, I don’t know the exact answer for YOU, & your circumstance(s). After-all, You are the expert in Your Life. But here are a few questions I would meditate on, & ask my Self, to provide my self with some clarity;

1. Does the action required to walk through the respective fear align with my Higher Values & Life Purpose, & move me TOWARDS the embodiment & fulfilment of said Values & Purpose?

2. Does the action (or in-action) required to ‘avoid’ the result I fear align with my Higher Values & Life Purpose?

3. What is that result that I fear that I am avoiding?

4a. Is it the ONLY possible result/outcome from choosing & taking said action (or in-action)?

4b. What are some of the other possible outcomes from taking said action (or in-action)?

5. (see question 1)


For context; My Core Values are Courage, Creativity, Passion & Inspiration, AllWays in Unity.

My Life Purpose is “A Global Civilisation where everyone’s priority is their Personal, & The Collective, Conscious Evolution.”

Therefore, I ask my Self, “Does my action (or in-action) contribute to, & move me towards, (or away from) the embodiment & fulfilment of my Personal Conscious Evolution?”

The paradox is that regardless of the choice I make, the action I take, and the resulting outcome, if I have made the choice CONSCIOUSLY, aligned with my Values (& in relevance to the aforementioned questions), I have fulfilled my Life Purpose, in the present NOW.

And the subsequent experience is the perfect, next experience and opportunity for me to fulfil my Life Purpose in the next NOW.

We all have different Values, & we all have a different Life Purpose, each of them as equally True for each of us as Unique Individuals.

Having clarity & awareness of what your Values are, and how you align, embody and manifest them in your Life, transforms every experience of fear & resistance into an opportunity for Transformation and Evolution.

Do you know what your Values are?

Do you hold a clear Vision of your Life Purpose?

I’d love you to share your thoughts & perspectives in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Walking Through Fear and Resistance

  1. Great insights Pablo – thank you. I especially love the 5 key questions to check our Selves against to remain values- and purpose-aligned. Love your work.


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