Feedback for “No Gimmicks – No Sales Pitches!”

I received some constructive feedback from a concerned friend regarding my use of the phrases “NO GIMMICKS” and “NO SALES PITCHES” in my offering for a Complimentary ‘DEEP-DIVE’ Consultation, which I feel inspired to address.

The feedback was this;

“The first thing people think when they read that is that there ARE gimmicks, and there WILL be sales pitches. Otherwise, why would you write that?!?

So, I suppose it’s time for me to come clean – There IS ONE gimmick, and the gimmick is this;

Unlike most coaches, I do NOT offer a Complimentary ‘Deep-Dive’ Consultation as a way to show you how much better your life could be if you became a client of mine by stretching the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Unlike most coaches, I do NOT offer a Complimentary ‘Deep-Dive’ Consultation as a way to highlight the pain you experience if you don’t achieve your goals, and then pitch my paid coaching programs to you as a way to alleviate all your suffering and make all your dreams come true.

Unlike most coaches, I do NOT offer a Complimentary ‘Deep-Dive’ Consultation as an opportunity for me to then sell you on working with me as a coach.

OK, that may seem like three gimmicks, lol, 😂😱,
but they are all aspects of the one gimmick;

and the ONE GIMMICK is that a Complimentary ‘Deep-Dive’ Consultation is NOT a sales gimmick, and there will be NO sales pitches.

I believe deeply in the power of coaching to change lives!

I’ve experienced it first-hand, and continue to experience it myself working with my own coaches.

Deep, long-lasting, sustainable change.

The ‘Deep-Dive’ Consultation is a whole and complete coaching experience unto itself, that requires commitment and authentic self-reflection from you, on your own behalf, or we would just be wasting each others’ time.

When we commit to a scheduled time, there is a requirement to complete and return a preparation and self-reflection form 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.

If you do not return the form in time, I know you are not truly committed to making the most of the opportunity, and you forfeit your session.

I am not chasing you in the hopes you will become a client – I am offering an opportunity to experience deep, powerful, life-changing coaching. The choice is yours.

During the session we dive deep under the layers of what you want to CREATE in your life and what you want to CHANGE in your life, to reveal, most importantly, what is REALLY STOPPING you.


Timothy Gallwey, founder and developer of the concept of The Inner Game devised this formula to conceptualise optimal performance in all areas of our lives; ‘PERFORMANCE equals POTENTIAL minus INTERFERENCE’

(There’s a link at the end of this post for you to explore The Inner Game further.)

The premise is that by removing the Interference, being “such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions”, your PERFORMANCE will naturally, and exponentially, evolve to equate with your true, pure POTENTIAL.

This requires DIVING DEEP, and doing the INNER-WORK, with the courage to acknowledge, address and “overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential.”

The Deep-Dive Consultation is not just about exploring and revealing your INTERFERENCE; you do not walk away empty-handed; and you most definitely do not walk away with the glaring realisation about all that is stopping you in your life, feeling like the only way you can do anything about it is to ‘sign up for more coaching’.

The Deep-Dive Consultation is a whole and complete coaching experience unto itself!

By the completion of the Deep-Dive experience you will have very specific insights, strategies, actions and structures to put into place in your life to implement deep, long-lasting, sustainable change.

(Whether you do this or not, is entirely up to you, it’s your life – Nobody ‘needs’ coaching – Coaching is not for everyone. It takes courage, and commitment – It’s a choice and a commitment we make for, and to, ourselves!)

A recent coachee described their Deep-Dive experience as;

“Challenging my thought patterns and my false view of myself, and developing and constructing new stepping stones in a new direction, towards a more complete expression of my wholeness and true self.”

My commitment that the Deep-Dive Consultation is a whole and complete coaching experience unto itself includes a post-consultation Self-Reflection & Strategy Form to be completed by you in the week following your session, to distil, consolidate and expand on your most important insights and breakthroughs from your “Deep-Dive” session in a way that supports you to integrate them in practical ways into your way of Being, and Life, moving forward. – This form is to be returned to me no later than 7 days after our scheduled session!

That’s it; your Deep-Dive experience begins the moment we confirm and schedule a time, and finishes a week after your session, upon completion of your final form.

How committed are you to DEEP CHANGE?

How committed are you to doing the INNER-WORK?

How committed are you to transforming your life, from the INSIDE-OUT?

If you ask me about what other coaching I offer, or my availability and rates, I will NOT have that conversation with you at the end of our session!

I will only have that conversation with you if you specifically request it, ‘after’ you have completed your ‘Deep-Dive’ journey ‘in its entirety’.

“No Sales Pitches”.

The Complimentary ‘Deep-Dive’ Consultation is an opportunity to have a supportive, empowering, safe and confidential coaching conversation with a trained coaching professional to get clarity on your experience, perspective and options for development, action and fulfilment.

(Ok, maybe just one, but we’ve addressed that already 😉)”



How committed are you to DEEP-CHANGE?

How committed are you to doing the INNER-WORK?

How committed are you to transforming your life, from the INSIDE-OUT?



(Here’s that link to explore THE INNER GAME: – I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.)


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