I Am… 

Pablo Bensemann - Coach - Transpersonal - Transformational - Evolutionary - Profile Pic

… in Service to The Conscious Evolution of our Global Community.

Conscious:- Perceiving, apprehending, noticing, observing and acting with a degree of critical awareness, thought, concern, will and design.

Evolution:- The process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse state to a higher, more complex, or better state.

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying that “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”

Human Beings who have our Personal Conscious Evolution as our priority will make better choices and take better actions in alignment with our ‘higher, more complex and better state’, and our ‘better’ personal and individual choices will positively contribute to and impact the Collective Conscious Evolution of our Global Community.

Our higher, more complex and better state of being Human includes an increased awareness and capacity for Compassion and Empathy, for ourselves as individuals, and for the true flourishing of our fellow human beings, in harmony with the flourishing of our natural environment.

I am an avid autodidact with a penchant for multi-potentialitism.

My childhood passion for the Hollywood musicals of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, when my heroes were Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, led me to take Ballroom, Latin American and Rock ‘n’ Roll dance classes in my early teens. Further study in various modalities of performance and dance eventuated in my early career as a professional dancer, choreographer and sometimes actor.

I affectionately refer to this period of my Life as my ‘Gypsy Years’ – (Here’s an awesome explanation of the benefits of dance, in all forms, that does such a great job of expressing my gratitude for the experience of developing and practicing skills that supported the ‘expression of emotion’ and ‘conveyance of meaning’ through the “coordination of limbs, posture, balance, gesture, facial expression, perception, and action in sequences that create meaning in time and space.” )

Formal training and qualifications in ‘Small Business Management’ supported my eventual transition to developing and operating my own boutique entertainment production company.

In 1998 a good friend and mentor introduced me to Landmark Education Corporation (now Landmark Worldwide), and their Curriculum For Living. The learning and development obtained through my training and participation in their programs was one of the most exponentially transformative experiences of my life, both personally and professionally.

The next expansion in my life was called forth upon returning from a back-packing trip to South America in 1999, where highlights included spending Christmas with the indigenous locals in a tiny village on the edge of the Amazon River near the Tres Fronteras, and hiking the Inca Trail to see the sun rise over Machu Picchu on the first day of the New Millennium.

Subsequent specialised qualifications in ‘Music Industry Business Management’ and ‘Business Sales & Marketing’ facilitated my expansion into various roles in the areas of music copyright & international publishing; licensing; royalties; branding; merchandising; and events.

Some of my personal highlights from more than 25 years of professional experience in the entertainment & music industries have included working & travelling on an international cruise ship; operating my own boutique entertainment production company; teaching specialist entertainment industry business disciplines for a tertiary education institution; and serving on the elected Board of Directors for a non-profit organisation.

As a life-long student of the Transpersonal, I’ve been a committed advocate of Soul connection, guidance, purpose and spiritual intelligence (SQ) for as long as I can remember.

It began consciously for me when I was ten years old – I remember it very clearly; I had returned home from school with burning, and admittedly pejorative, queries about the content of the classes and curriculum in formal religious studies at school.

Prior to this, my Nanna had studied extensively at Unity Village, Missouri, and through my very early childhood my family had been instrumental to the introduction and foundation of Unity and its philosophy and teachings in New Zealand.

The most significant of these for me being “… some other ways we speak of God are Life, Light, Love, Substance, Principle, Law and Universal Mind.”

When my Nanna gifted me her First Editions of “Unity of All Life” and “In The Flow of Life”, both by Eric Butterworth, “Games People Play” by Eric Berne, and “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach, I thought I had all the answers.

Aaah, the innocence, ignorance and arrogance of well-informed youth – Helloooo spiritual by-passing. 

Over the years, my complimentary exploration and personal study into various areas of psychology; personal development; mythology and theology; archetypes, symbology and metaphor; meditation; and psycho-spirituality helped me to realise that of course I did not have all the answers.

And thus my ongoing quest for more answers has invariably led me to more questions, most recently culminating in my graduation from NatureCare College with a Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching.

As a certified personal & professional development coach, I partner with Vigilant Visionaries who are committed to Aligning Authentic Passions, Transforming Pain Points into Wisdom & Inspired Action, Expanding Narratives, and Creating a Life of Prosperity and Balance, for themselves and others.

According to my VIA Inventory of Strengths Profile, my 6 signature strengths are perspective, prudence, social intelligence, fairness, judgement and honesty. 

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality type is ENFJ.

According to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter I am an Idealist-Teacher (or a Guardian-Provider).

The Enneagram classifies me as a Type 1:Reformer personality with a Type 9:Peacemaker wing.

My DiSC Behavioural Style is D/SC.

And my top 10 values as reported by the Barrett Values Centre are coaching/mentoring, continuous learning, courage, creativity, integrity, personal fulfilment, personal growth, wealth, well-being and wisdom.

As a Transpersonal and Evolutionary Coach, I do not subscribe to the perspective that any individual self-report measure of personality can be the be-all and end-all of defining who I am, definitively. (And yes, I completely intended to use ‘defining’ and ‘definitively’ in one sentence.)  

However, as a Transformational Coach who does subscribe to a strengths, preferences and solution-focused approach to personal and professional development and fulfilment, I am confident the insights acquired from a cross-section of self-assessed personality questionnaires and profiles can be a great starting point to better understanding ourselves, and our relationships with others, and can be very supportive of our growth and development in particular areas of our lives, if interpreted and applied appropriately.  

I love puzzles. 

As a child I loved putting model cars and aeroplanes together. Jig-Saw puzzles were also a favourite past-time. Now, I still get a kick out of assembling BBQs and indoor and outdoor kit furniture. 😉

The Passion is still the same for me.

Exploring how all the pieces fit and work together.

Watching the framework take shape.

Locating that missing piece.

Observing the multitude of Colour and Diversity exploding into Life.

Realising the Clarity and Beauty of the Vision.

And now, one of the ways I express this passion is through coaching; supporting and championing Vigilante Visionaries to align their authentic passions, transform their pain points into wisdom and inspired action, and create a life of prosperity and balance, for themselves, and others.

Contributing my passions, skills and experience to the advancement and development of the coaching paradigm as a recognised, accepted, and valued construct for not only the leadership and transformation of influential corporations, organisations and communities, but as an intrinsic approach and way of life for individuals from, and on, all walks of Life.

You are…

… a Vigilant Visionary,

committed to Aligning Your Authentic Passions;

Transforming your Pain Points into Wisdom & Inspired Action;

Creating Your Life of Prosperity & Balance.

Are you ready to have all the pieces of your Life-Puzzle fit together in a Balanced, Fulfilling & Inspiring montage?