Why The Rose? Do I enjoy gardening?

Well, yes. I do.

However, I actually snapped these miniature-roses in my Mother’s well-tended garden.

Blooming in an Abundance of Love - Transpersonal Coaching

This glorious flower, through centuries of assimilation of various myths and mysteries, lore and legends, philosophy and ritual, medicine, art and literature, from as many diverse sources, cultures and languages across the globe as there are interpretations, has become profoundly embedded in our collective psyche as a symbol with, often seemingly, paradoxical meanings.

Through sacred association with deities and celestial beings, the Rose has at various times symbolised:

– Immortality and Divine Wisdom

– War and Destruction

– Rebirth and Regeneration

– Love and Beauty

– Balance and Harmony

– Sexuality and Sensuality

– Silence and Secrecy.

The enduring symbolism as an epitome of aspiration and inspiration has been adopted and incorporated by individuals, families, cultures, societies and organisations as more than just a feature or decoration for festivals, celebrations and architecture, and as more than just a pretty image in our art and literature.

As the centuries have passed the Rose and its symbology, along with many of its metaphorical and hidden meanings, has expanded to include many diverse and subtle facets and perspectives of Life, including:

– Purity and Innocence

– Fertility and Nurturing

– Youth and Vitality

– Patience and Perfection

– Devotion and Unconditional Love

– Creation and Sacrifice

– Mystery and Truth.

Poets & mystics have long revered the Rose as the symbol of The Heart, The Soul, of Love, and as the representation of the Heart and Soul’s journey to fulfilment.

Each Human Heart and Soul is as beautiful unique intricate and glorious as each Rose in a Rose Garden - Transpersonal Coaching
“Each Human Heart and Soul is as beautiful, unique, intricate and glorious as each Rose in a Rose Garden.”

And just as the Rose itself has come to represent the Heart and the Soul of human-kind, the Rose Garden features heavily in our literature and art as the symbol of Heaven, Itself.

With each beautiful Rose representing the many Souls of Humanity – Blooming in an Abundance of Love.

Are you getting the idea?

As times have changed and as preferences and priorities have ebbed and flowed, in its many guises, the humble Rose has a diverse and complex reputation, purpose and status to up-hold.

Through countless eras the varying species, the varying colours and the varying number of petals of the Rose have implied or signified varying aspects or perspectives of humanity, and our connection to our inherent divinity.

Regardless of its colour or shape and regardless of the region or country of origin, the humble Rose has long-maintained its status and role as a powerful metaphor for the beauty and intricacy of the Human Heart and Soul, and as a symbol of the Divine Source and Evolution of Life.           

Each Human Heart & Soul is as beautiful, unique, intricate & glorious as each Rose in a Rose Garden.

Longing to burst forth with Secrets & Desires, Joy & Sorrow, Beauty & Reverence.

Longing to burst forth and shower the World with its sweet Gifts.



Our True Mission in Life, is Evolution. Evolution towards a deeper, and more intimate relationship and understanding of Divine Wisdom, and Universal Truth.

Not a divine wisdom that exists and is personified by external references and representations.

Rather, the DIVINE WISDOM & UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE that is inherent in all of Nature, all of the Universe, and all Beings in the Universe.

Including You!

Welcome to the Garden. Enjoy the Roses.

In the driest whitest stretch of pain's infinite desert I lost my sanity and found this rose ~ Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi - Transpersonal Coaching
“In the driest whitest stretch of pain’s infinite desert, I lost my sanity and found this rose.” ~ Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

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