The return you receive for your investment (ROI) in coaching cannot always be easily associated with a monetary value, and so needs to be considered in the broader context of what is often referred to as the Social Return On Investment (SROI).

SROI is the measurement and communication of the non-financial value of your results, benefits, achievements and long-lasting changes.

These can include, but are not limited to, improved emotional intelligence, increased self-confidence, motivation, creativity and productivity, better relationships with others, a career change, practices and strategies for being a more effective leader, greater personal well-being, personal development and growth, and living a fulfilling life of deeper meaning and purpose.

– “In their own words”

1) “Before coaching, I struggled with the following limiting beliefs that prevented me from being fully myself.”

  • I cannot lose weight.
  • I cannot get a better job.
  • I cannot be happier and freer.
  • I am not enough.
  • I cannot have it all.
  • I have to suffer to succeed.
  • That if I “make it”, I’ll lose it / get knocked off my pedestal.
  • That another person should respect my set of values.
  • That I should be complacent or a passenger in regards to my relationships with others.
  • That my current fitness level and appearance prevents me from being a yoga teacher.
  • That I should stifle aspects of my personality.

2) “Through coaching I have achieved… “

  • Boundaries and assertion.
  • I feel more aligned and empowered.
  • Clarity.
  • I now prioritise (and enjoy) physical activity.
  • I am more consciously present during the day.
  • I have an improved awareness of who I am.
  • Structure.
  • Calmer and more confident about my decision making.
  • I believe in my abilities.
  • Commitment.
  • I have a clear intention for the future – My Perfect Day.
  • A set of personal goals.
  • Insight into how I relate to myself, and my notions of success and failure.
  • Change ‘me’ in order to change ‘others’, and change how they behave towards me.
  • I have greater awareness of how I react to a situation or a ‘bump in the road’.
  • I have moved beyond ‘thinking’ about changes into ‘doing/making’ changes.
  • I am aware of my body’s strength, and can feel and see my strong body emerging.
  • Discover, design and apply some practical and valuable ways to improve my day to day life.
  • Worked through a number of issues around how I relate to the world, how I limit myself, and how trying to protect myself I can ignore or avoid.

3) “After coaching, I now have the following empowering beliefs that support me to fully be myself.”

  • I can have my cake and eat it too!
  • I can get a better job.
  • I can lose weight.
  • I am worth it!
  • I am back on track.
  • Being a strong leader is a good thing, an empowering thing.
  • I am stronger than ever.
  • I’m a good friend.
  • My values are values worth having.

4) “My Life is now different after my coaching journey as a result of the following awareness, insight and learning I have obtained.”

  • Not getting stuck on one belief or story.
  • Remembering to get support.
  • Giving myself a break.
  • I can speak up for myself, and be more assertive.
  • I can be clearer about what has set me off or upset me, and how I can manage it better.
  • I am creating abundant outcomes without feeling the slightest bit fraudulent.
  • I have reassessed my relationships and reconnected with people and met people who really make my soul sing.   I have a new positive approach to my relationships.
  • I can choose the outcome.
  • I have a new appreciation for who I am and my contribution to the world.   I am not always going to please everyone all of the time, but I know that if I live my values then I will live a harmonious life.
  • There’s no such thing as a ‘difficult conversation’. Just do it – with Love!
  • My success is based on me doing the best that I can, given the circumstances.
  • Remembering that I am powerful, and not to be afraid of that. It’s a good thing.

5) “The best bit of the coaching for me has been…”

  • Checking in on myself and gaining a deeper awareness of what drives me.
  • Really frank and concise conversations & outcomes.
  • Meeting a kindred soul.
  • I have enjoyed a more structured approach.
  • A wonderful motivational, philosophical, spiritual and scientific slap in the face!
  • Some real ‘jump around the room, A-ha!’ moments.
  • Allowing me to figure out what is best for me and true to me.  And then kicking my arse into gear to live that truth.
  • Developing new skills that will benefit my growth as a person.


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