“A perfect blend of structure and insight”

I think you are either ‘ready’ to coach in a way that you are at your wits end or ‘ready’ in a way that you are open to being the biggest version of you – both are equally daunting and invigorating!

My prior experience of intensive coaching had certainly cleared out the cobwebs and given me a great platform from which to launch with Pablo. From the get-go I felt supported and safe, yet challenged to achieve what I signed up for.

Pablo Bensemann’s structured approach left no stone unturned. Even when we digressed toward an insightful fork in the road, we always returned to complete unfinished business.

I felt very comfortable with Pablo very quickly; because of this I was very open and honest with not only him but myself. The fear of judgement disappeared and opened a door to a deeper truth, which lead to plenty of ‘aha’ moments and wonderful insights about myself which had been previously latent.

Having the one on one sessions, a little homework and a mutual commitment to a result held me accountable for my own outcome. In short, I saw it through and have enjoyed spectacular results.

I personally enjoyed Pablo’s masculine energy, I felt that I was understood, held up, given space and directed just enough to find my own way.

All in all I found the experience to be a perfect blend of structure and insight.

If you are keen to explore and expand all of you, spend some time with this guy, he’s pretty awesome.

Biggest respect,

F.C. – Projects Manager (Sydney)

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