“Practical and valuable ways to improve my day to day life”

Pablo is naturally self-aware and has a brilliant emotional intelligence to draw on.

He is a nuanced thinker who can instantly shift from the big picture to delve into the detail.

He was able to quickly understand my situation, my strengths and weaknesses and also my potential for growth.

At all times, he let me lead my self-discovery yet he was able to motivate me, support me and challenge me at the right time and in the right way.

He is creative, innovative and has a wickedly wonderful sense of humour and perspective on life.

Working with Pablo enabled me to discover, design and apply some practical and valuable ways to improve my day to day life.

The overriding feeling for me is that this is a true vocation for Pablo.   He thrives as a coach and it brings out the best in those he serves.

A.H. – Business Owner (Sydney)

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