The ‘Deep-Dive’ Consultation is a whole and complete coaching experience unto itself, including pre- and post-session exercises for Self-reflection, Goals, Strategy and Outcomes; This requires commitment, authentic self-reflection and positive action from you, on your own behalf, or we would just be wasting each others’ time.

Your first 2-hour consultation is Complimentary; (No Gimmicks – No Sales Pitches!)

Subsequent one-off, 2-hour sessions are available as desired, for a fee – Perfect for a powerful, evolved, life-changing coaching conversation without enrolling in an extended coaching program.

Here’s what recent coachees are saying about their ‘Deep-Dive’ experience:

*** *** *** ***

“I was feeling clouded and perplexed about what steps to take next in my level-up quest. I came to the Deep-Dive session to receive guidance on clarity and direction, and I certainly felt I achieved this!

It is certainly nice to have someone with such talent coupled with wisdom to be on your team to challenge and encourage you along your path.” (Read more >).

~ Peter Venero – Director at Creatiq / Founder and CEO at Kaliido

*** *** *** ***

“I came to the Deep-Dive coaching session to get guidance, and to have awareness or understanding of what causes me to doubt myself and what triggers my concerns.

I found it very helpful being guided through this by my coach, especially the understanding of my ‘feeling’ versus ‘head thinking’, my circle like rotation of thoughts / concerns / emotions / reactions, and that I need and want to ‘feel’, and not get lost in my head thoughts.” (Read More >).

~ Jessica (Sydney)

*** *** *** ***

“Before the Deep-Dive coaching session I found it hard to express myself emotionally or share with ease. I would constantly second-guess myself, and I was quick to judge myself .

I now have the strength that my opinions, feelings and emotions are valid and deserve to be heard and voiced.” (Read More >).

~ G.E. (Sydney)

*** *** *** ***

“I came to the session without expectations of what I would be able to achieve and came out of it with goals and a direction in which I truly feel that I can undertake.

This ‘Deep-Dive’ session gave me a sense of clarity regarding my notion of the world and my place in it.” (Read more >)

~ Charlotte – Art Director (Sydney)

*** *** *** ***

“I knew I was going through a major transition but I felt completely stuck, lacking the confidence and motivation I needed to move forward.

I came to the ‘Deep Dive Coaching Session’ confused about the way my life was going and unable to make sense of my own thoughts and feelings.” (Read More >)

~ Kim (Sydney, Australia)

*** *** *** ***

“My goals were to unblock barriers in my thought process while facing challenges in my personal and professional life – and to better manage my reaction when faced in a confronting, challenging situation.

I would highly recommend to anyone to challenge their thought patterns and contact Pablo, as you might just be amazed at what is hidden under our false views of ourselves.” (Read More >)

~ Mark Trebilcock – Aged Care Alternatives Coordinator (Sydney) 

*** *** *** ***

“I reached out to Pablo for assistance in transition to retirement. Work had been my life (both business and social).

Pablo was challenging when he needed to be but always supportive. Being a great listener with amazing recall he really made me think about what it was I wanted to do.  (Read More >)”

~ Gail Godden (Sydney, Australia)

*** *** *** ***

“I loved my Deep-Dive with Pablo. I loved that it was 2 hours as one session, and it really focused in on a specific issue that I was working on.

I loved diving deeper under the story and seeing what emotions and beliefs were truly present and what I was doing to create this block.  (Read More >)”

~ Penny: Business Owner (The Salt Spot)

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The COMPLIMENTARY “DEEP-DIVE” CONSULTATION is a powerful, life-changing 2 hour coaching experience.

During the session we dive deep under the layers of what you want to CREATE in your life, what you want to CHANGE in your life, and what you want to ACHIEVE in your life, to reveal, most importantly, what is REALLY STOPPING you.

A supportive, empowering, safe and confidential coaching conversation with a trained coaching professional to get clarity on your experience, perspective and options for development and fulfilment.

This is perfect for you if your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the following;

• I have not experienced professional coaching before and would like a FREE, no obligation coaching session to find out what it’s all about, why my friends who have had coaching won’t stop raving about it, and to get answers to questions I may have.

• I am currently going through a significant change or transition, or facing a specific challenge, in an area of my personal or professional life.

• I am currently working towards a specific goal or outcome.

• I am feeling stuck or frustrated, and know I want to make some changes or create something new in my life, but I’m unsure of where to start, or how to go about it.

• I have experienced coaching in the past, and know that I would benefit from a one-off top-up session to reignite or fan the flames.

As your coach, I am equally committed to the value of a free coaching session for you as I am to the value of a paid session. 

While you may not be required to invest financially in the session, I do require that you commit to investing time and energy prior to our session to consider, answer and return a preliminary self-reflection questionnaire to support you to prepare and optimise our time together in the session. 

I am committed to preparing for your session in advance as well, and this helps me to get to know you better, and understand ways I can serve you as your coach during the Deep Dive coaching process. 

If you’d like a COMPLIMENTARY ‘DEEP-DIVE’ CONSULTATION (in person, or via telephone or Skype/Zoom) to explore what you want to CHANGE, what you want to CREATE, what you want to ACHIEVE, and what is REALLY STOPPING you, COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW and I will contact you so we can organise a convenient time for us both.

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