“I was feeling clouded and perplexed about what steps to take next in my level-up quest. I came to the Deep-Dive session to receive guidance on clarity and direction, and I certainly felt I achieved this!

I was fortunate enough to experience a personal Deep-Dive session facilitated by Transpersonal, Transformational and Evolutionary Coach Pablo Bensemann. I have known Pablo for quite some time as we have worked as volunteers together for a local association in the past. Pablo has always impressed me as being one of the most enlightened, empathetic, intelligent and creative individuals I’ve come to meet over the years. I feel it is a natural fit and progression that Pablo entered into coaching to assist others full time, and he does it so well. 

During the Deep-Dive session, Pablo assisted in intuitively guiding me to discern and clarify my thoughts, feelings and emotions in efforts of aligning them with my unconscious patterns, and assisted in showing me how to gain insight into how those patterns can have an affect both negatively and positively on future goals and outcomes I have outlined for myself. 

Some of my most enlightening insights were about my accountability, and my discipline via motivation, as well as the possibilities I discovered by identifying the areas I could improve on, including taking time to explore my Shadow, which I believe that’s the next logical step.

After the Deep-Dive session I am committed to be more authentic and accountable in all respects, regardless of the audience.

I’m putting regular focus on learning more on ‘what’ and the ‘hows’ of motivation and accountability, while always expanding my esoteric wisdom, to support my top three goals in life right now of levelling up mindfully, spiritually and prosperously, constantly consuming new knowledge and wisdom, and launching awesome companies.

I also have an awareness of falling back into old patterns that could get in the way of achieving this.

I have always enjoyed various forms of personal development, and this session was no exception. I look forward to more time with Pablo because I feel that Pablo not only has vision, but also empathises with the thoughts and views that I have, which I imagine guides Pablo in his guiding me. It is certainly nice to have someone with such talent coupled with wisdom to be on your team to challenge and encourage you along your path. 

A strong sense of self is paramount in all facets of your personal life, from your peer group, your love live, family, career and so on. I strongly encourage everyone to have a Deep-Dive session, especially if you prefer to have a clearer path on the way to reaching your personal goals and objectives.”

~ Peter Venero – Director at Creatiq  / Founder and CEO at Kaliido