“I loved my Deep-Dive with Pablo. I loved that it was 2 hours as one session, and it really focused in on a specific issue that I was working on.

I loved diving deeper under the story and seeing what emotions and beliefs were truly present and what I was doing to create this block.

I liked that he allowed me to ramble, yet reined me in as well. I never felt rushed.

I was able to gain the clarity and insight to be able to effect change in my life and specifically around this issue. I have great clarity and awareness moving forward.

I really value a powerful conversation, and it was great to have another perspective without feeling pressured into more than I needed.

(I also enjoyed the meditation at the start; it really brought me into presence after the traffic and busy day, etc.)

I highly recommend a session with Pablo.”

~ Penny: Business Owner (The Salt Spot)


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