“I came to the Deep-Dive coaching session to find an inner strength to help foster my self confidence and a belief in myself.

There were lots of big changes happening in my life, including changes at work, and an uncertainty of what’s to come, and the Deep-Dive session seemed like an opportunity to have an outsider’s opinion to help me pull apart some of my anxieties and put constructive steps in place to overcome them, and calm my mind from anxious thoughts and over-analysing.

Before the Deep-Dive coaching session I found it hard to express myself emotionally or share with ease. I would constantly second-guess myself, and I was quick to judge myself (usually negatively).  I also found it difficult to self-reflect or self-examine and process my emotions rationally.

During the Deep-Dive coaching I was able to (mostly) communicate and express myself and my emotions and to really try and embrace the experience while letting down some of my personal barriers. I realised I don’t need to have all the answers right now, and that it’s okay to express myself, and my pure emotions, when in the company of others – without the fear of judgement or ridicule.

After the Deep-Dive coaching session I have made a commitment to myself to take small steps that push and challenge me instead of taking the easy route. This can be a personal journey I can take instead of focusing on an end point.

I have achieved a belief that I can do things which push and stretch me far outside my comfort zone, and an awareness that I do have a strength inside I can draw on in situations that I thought would push my boundaries.

I am now in a strong position to be able to go forward with a little more confidence in myself and be able to stand by myself instead of shying away and wanting to avoid any sort of confrontation when communicating with someone that has a different opinion to me.

I now have the strength that my opinions, feelings and emotions are valid and deserve to be heard and voiced.

Once I master / gain confidence in using my voice in my personal life, it’s a strong tool I can project into my career, especially when communicating as a freelancer / in many different environments, and moving forward I will not second-guess myself as much, and actually back myself, and my voice, and my emotions.

The inspirational theme song or anthem I have chosen for the next phase of my life is “Life’s About to Get Good” by Shania Twain.

Pablo was an excellent coach – his calm demeanour and supportive nature gave me a great sense of grounding and brought a lot of clarity to my experience, in a safe and supportive environment.

I would highly recommend to absolutely anyone.”

~ G.E. (Sydney)