“I was about to have some very big changes in my life, and I came to the ‘Deep-Dive’ coaching session because I wanted to head into them in the best emotional state.

Before the Deep-Dive coaching session I would get lost in my head and felt emotionally overwhelmed with doubt, fear of the unknown, fear of not having security and not having faith in the universe to guide me. I was feeling stressed 90% of the time about so many things.

I came to the Deep-Dive coaching session to get guidance, and to have awareness or understanding of what causes me to doubt myself and what triggers my concerns.

I wanted to stop getting emotionally stuck in my thoughts and find how to acknowledge them and work through them while staying calm, by getting out of my head and to feel.
I came to the Deep-Dive coaching session to feel light, calm and happy, and excited by the universe, and not feel so much stress.

During the Deep-Dive coaching I was able to chat openly about ‘me’ with no distractions. Together, by talking things through I realised things that were troubling me that I have never been able to put into words.

I realised that I can be proud of the things I have done and what I have, without feeling judged.  And I have commitment and choice in ALL LIFE, including acknowledging that I want to improve and work on aspects of myself, and to take action to change and look within myself.

I found it very helpful being guided through this by my coach, especially the understanding of my ‘feeling’ versus ‘head thinking’, my circle like rotation of thoughts / concerns / emotions / reactions, and that I need and want to ‘feel’, and not get lost in my head thoughts.

After the Deep-Dive coaching session I am more aware of emotions as they come and being able to let them go, and breathe, close my eyes and ground myself more, before getting too ‘heady’.

I know that my commitment is part of my Soul in all aspects of my life. I previously thought it just a drive to succeed but I understand it more positively in a way that I am committed to achieving my best life and my best me.

The inspirational theme song or anthem I have chosen for the next phase of my life is “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles.

I am happy about what I got out of my coaching session and what it has driven me to look into, while understanding that it takes time and commitment to stick to new things, and I can choose to trust myself and the process.

~ Jessica (Sydney)