“My goals were to unblock barriers in my thought process while facing challenges in my personal and professional life – and to better manage my reaction when faced in a confronting, challenging situation.

During my 2 hour consultation with Pablo I felt at ease and confident that I was in safe hands. Pablo listened to my conversation and I felt I was heard with respect. Pablo was able to pick up as well on my energy.

I experienced the process as thought provoking, and Pablo allowed me the space to answer, or not to answer, a question. No matter how you prepare yourself, mentally and emotionally, there are questions that still throw you.

The conversation became a bit sidetracked, but with Pablo’s coaching abilities he was able to bring the situation back to the individual in a personal way.

Pablo’s Deep-Dive experience assists and guides individuals into walking their own pathway, while viewing the landscape in a fresh new way of thinking.

I would highly recommend to anyone to challenge their thought patterns and contact Pablo, as you might just be amazed at what is hidden under our false views of ourselves.

The inspirational theme song or anthem I have chosen for the next phase of my life is “Freedom” by George Michael.

~ Mark Trebilcock – Aged Care Alternatives Coordinator (Sydney)