This 3 hour power-session is where we deeply and powerfully explore, reveal and align your “Secret Goals”, and what is most important for You, in Your ‘Symphony of Life’.

Yes – You have secret goals! Secret goals that have nothing to do with career development, increasing your income, developing leadership skills, improving your personal relationships or improving your fitness or losing weight.

That’s not to say your practical goals are not addressed; We create your practical goals and life-projects from the foundation of your Secret Goals and Core Guidance, that truly resonate in alignment with your Authentic Passions and Deeper Soul Purpose.  

  • Reveal how the underlying and inter-connected energies of your beliefs, perspectives and circumstances are causing obstacles and stress, by peeling back the layers on 12 specific aspects of your Life, including family, career, finances, health and well-being, communities and soul-purpose.
  • Discover which small but significant changes in one aspect of your Life will create significant positive changes and growth in ALL aspects of your Life, and gain clarity around your priorities for goal-setting.
  • Reduce and transform resistance and tension in all sectors of your personal and professional Life by identifying clear and deceptively simple short-term goals or actions for immediate implementation.
  • Clarify long-term goals or life-projects that are intuitively aligned with your unique strengths, talents, passions and purpose. 
  • Transform the limiting beliefs, blind spots, habits and addictions that are preventing you manifesting what you truly desire. 
  • Focus, plan and take inspired action so that your Whole Life is aligned with your personal definition of FULFILMENT, BALANCE, HARMONY and SUCCESS.

This is one of my all-time personal favourite coaching processes; I personally complete this for myself every six months to support aligning my authentic passions in all areas of my life, transforming any pain points into wisdom and inspired action, and instigating exponential growth and development in the ongoing creation of my life of prosperity and balance, in alignment with my personal definition of fulfilment and success.


      • You will have at least TEN clear, short-term goals or actions:
        • You can put these into immediate action within the following weeks.
        • These will reduce and transform resistance, obstacles, tension and stress in your personal and/or professional Life.
        • These will bring you closer to alignment with your personal definition of FULFILLMENT, BALANCE, HARMONY & SUCCESS.
      • You will have at least TEN clear, long-term goals;
        • These can be translated into medium to long-term life-projects over the successive months.
        • These will transform limiting beliefs, blind spots, habits and addictions that are preventing you manifesting what you truly desire. 
        • These will bring your Whole Life into alignment with your personal definition of FULFILLMENT, BALANCE, HARMONY & SUCCESS.
      • You receive a typed transcript of the recorded session for your future reference, ongoing inspiration, growth, development and life-project management.

I do request that you commit to investing some time and energy prior to our session to read, consider, answer and return a preliminary self-reflection questionnaire to support you to prepare and optimise our time together in the session. 

I too am committed to preparing for your session in advance, and this helps me to get to know you better, and understand ways I can serve you as your coach during your Symphony Of Life Power Session. 

If you’re ready to book your “Symphony of Life” session, or have any questions, complete the form below and I will contact you to schedule a convenient time. 

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